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      "Not midnight yet. Things have been moving fast.""Corporals ain't no better'n anybody else," replied the Orderly, "'n' you can jist git some brush and go to work, 'long with the rest!"

      "Guess we had," replied Shorty. "I b'lieve mine's started already!"

      "Corporal," said he, "I turn this man over to you. I'll hold you responsible that he don't communicate with the enemy. But come on up to Headquarters and get your checker-board. I have a very nice one for you."

      It makes a great difference with a soldier under fire whether he can take a hand in the game himself, or whether he must lie idle and let the enemy "play it alone.""What a situation for a story," said Pen.

      "Rownd is the ring that haint no end,


      Pen pricked up her ears. She answered as casually as he: "I always thought of hate as destroying a man instead of nerving him to do things."



      Pen made no further objections.